Are You Being Challenged Creatively? Day 5 and Counting...

Carving out time to do what you love the most is challenging at times and it seems that each day the clock ticks faster than it should. Creating something every day should be fun and not something to worry about. I know that worry sits on my shoulder as I look at my stockpile of crafting and Cricut supplies and wonder what could I do.

My family often provides a source of ideas and inspiration when it comes to what they want me to make for them. That is easy to do but often what they want is a week-long or month-long project. One wants a crochet or knit top, another a wooden table, yet another a new ragged doll. Perhaps I should look at the challenge as something that will take more than an hour to put together but preparing the materials can be done easily.

I think my family projects will be in addition to what I want to create today.

My project for Day 6 has been to create a retirement card for my friend. I love getting ideas around what they like and incorporating those into the card. I had a lot of fun making this card and it took me a lot longer than I had anticipated. This seems to be the norm for any creative project.

I have a list of things I want to do and somehow I am going to try and weave them into my 100 days of creativity.

Here are a few of those projects I am ready to start:

  • Crochet animal
  • Detailed Pop-Up Card
  • Paper Folding 
  • Washi Tape Art
  • Basic Wreath (I have never tried this)
  • Knit hat
  • Quilling Picture
  • Doll Quilt
  • Wallpaper Pattern
  • Design my own Fabric
  • Digital Paper Designs
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry
  • Design a Piece of Clothing
  • Calligraphy Art
  • Paper Piercing

I have lots more but this is my starter list.

What is on your list? Let me know as I would love to try even more crafts!


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