Chalking it Up - Day 35

Image Photography by Anthony Garand

Did you ever put up your hand to take a turn to write on the White Board (or BlackBoard) at school? Most of us shied away from being anywhere near the front of the room facing our classmates but in the back of our mind, we always wanted to be picked!

Writing on a large board often takes a little more skill than you usually figure you need. The only thing that can save you is a lot of practice. Even then, it has taken me years to perfect my board writing so everyone could read it. Board writing and writing on a pad on an easel are pretty much the same things. Practicing your printing and handwriting is the real key to success unless you have a template to use.

Amazon offers 30 colors of chalk

The Art of Chalk is a great book to read if you want to learn more.

Today I made 3 small templates to use on a chalkboard (I use the chalk poster board for my creations). The templates were fun to create and it gave me some ideas about how I could use these for other projects such as wood burning or stenciling on furniture. I have uploaded the template to Patreon so you can download it for FREE (subscribers only).

Now for the fun part of this project, you can use any type of chalk, I prefer to use the liquid chalk as it dries and is more likely not to smudge. You can always spray over your design to make it more permanent.

 Here is a chalkboard using a template or two plus a freehand flourish. You can see how the templates are so much better than my hand-drawn flourish!

Have you tried chalking?

Until tomorrow...


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