Day 15 Working in Small Spaces

Day 15 Working in Small Spaces

Have you ever dreamed of that fabulous craft room? I know some of us have the space to work quite efficiently, but many live in smaller spaces. I, in particular, do not have a craft room and my workspace is part of our living room. I have carved out a fairly decent sized corner of the room but find myself cramped when it comes to larger projects.

In comes the folding table, the ironing board and all my equipment to be placed in the remainder of the room for the day. I have a Cricut Air 2, a Sizzix for embossing, a sewing machine, and lots of papers, materials, artboards, and more. Spilling into the living room is great fun! The only issue is when I have to put it all away before the family arrives home. This, in a way, inspires me to finish my work so I do not need to figure out where I was yesterday. I always figured there has to be an easier way but in reality, I do not mind hauling everything out and putting it back at the end of the day. It can be quite comical when I leave everything out. Lots of maneuvering around tables and machines without disturbing my work.

Working on some of the projects for the challenge has not challenged my limited space. Crocheting, Knitting, Washi Tape, and Papercraft can all be done in a small area. The only time I would love more space is when it comes to paper storage. I am constantly rummaging through containers, bins, and drawers to find just the right combination for my work.

On the days I work on designs, I quite often work at the computer and then print and spread everything around to make sure what I designed will work on other surfaces, kind of like building a room with color swatches everywhere. have a bigger space but on the other hand would a bigger space be big enough? There is always the need to take over the whole house with projects in various stages of completion.

How is your workspace?

So on to Day 15 of the challenge. I have put together a package of argyle designs in digital format. I love working on these designs and I am encouraged by a great teacher of Illustrator, Helen Bradley. She teaches on Skillshare. Look her up for inspiration on designs. She is absolutely fabulous.

Here is my paper package for today.


Until tomorrow...


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