Day 8 Starts a New Week - Learning From the Best

Day 8 Starts a New Week - Learning From the Best

Day 8 and the start of the new week in the Challenge. Someone asked me this morning, "Why 100 days? Most Challenges seem to be 21, 30 or even 60 Days?"

Here is the real reason for the 100 Days. It takes 21 days to change a habit, 90 days to make sure the new habit has taken hold, and 100 days to substantiate that new habit. After 100 days, you will be so used to crafting and making every day that you will likely continue trying new things and looking at the world around you in new ways.

For me, it helps me to focus on my makes, designs, and writing a blog article each day. I love making things and I love writing (having published many books that have taken hold in many languages around the world). My concentration on making my world a better place through creativity does have an impact on how I view everything I see, every person I connect with, and everything that surrounds me. I know it sounds idealistic but it does give me a great deal of pleasure.

Part of my discovery when making each day is the realization that I need to rely on the expertise of others. I mentioned Skillshare before but I have also found other experts that often share how they complete their craft. Without these individuals, it would truly be difficult to work on the next project.

I spent the evening (yesterday) working on a drawing. That drawing failed miserably and I had to regroup and figure out what I wanted to create today. I decided that I would take my Ladybug design and amplify it and add it to a Tote Bag. The results were great - here is the image of what I came up with:

I am pretty happy with the result.

What did you make today? Please post your images below.

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