Decorating the Dining Table - Day 33

Decorating the Dining Table - Day 33

Someone asked me if preparing a new recipe for dinner counted as a daily make. I wasn't exactly sure how to answer the question but I started to think about it and making food is a craft in itself. I was more concerned that adding food to the mix would dilute my original intention of having a "craft" a day but calling them makes.

I think perhaps the presentation of the food on handmade dinnerware probably fits this question the best. Ceramics definitely qualifies as a craft. Still, ceramics is out of my ability for now. I will have to settle for making the napkins at the table.

I do a bit of the cooking at home but my husband does all the experimental cooking. He did a pasta carbonara last evening, a new dish for him and it was delicious. Thank you, Francois! My job is to set the table and then later wash the dishes (no dishwasher in our apartment). Easy enough for the two of us.

So my part is to decorate the table. Even though I have made candles in the past, I needed to find something I could do for the Challenge at the same time and napkins did fill the bill. I also redid the flower from yesterday to make a nice centerpiece.

Heartfelt Napkin designed by Bette

My flower looked much better than my previous one, thanks to practicing a bit more on that project. 

My question to you is, "Do you decorate your dinner table"?

I ran across some ideas that may be of interest:

This first one is on YouTube and quite an in-depth look at table decorating: Home Decoration - The Dining Table

As usual, I found a couple of books on the subject. I thought the simpler ones made more sense for those of us who do not often decorate our dining tables.

  1. Decorating for Dining and Entertaining
  2. The Art of Napkin Folding

The Napkin folding book certainly will open your eyes to all types of folds! So great to learn new tricks.

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Until tomorrow...


Bon Appetite!

Bon Appetite

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