Designing Popups - Day 31

popup examples
Popup samples by Copious Crafts
Creating popup cards is certainly a lot of fun and a lot of frustration at the same time. This is especially true when you are designing the popup from scratch. Today I have been messing around with a simple yet complex popup to go into my newsletter which should be coming out next week. I have redesigned it at least 6 times and may still have another go at it!
I am going to provide the directions and the template in that newsletter - so look for it in your inbox! |If you are not a subscriber just go to then when you are ready to exit the site, you should see a popup asking you to join the newsletter.
My goal is to put together a newsletter with a pattern or craft with full instructions and templates - it will be either monthly or bi-monthly. I have not fully decided yet.
Back to creating the popup. I like to use popups that are all on one page as a starting place. The more pieces and parts there are, the more difficult it is to put together and that is for those of us who figure we are able to do so on our own. This would be me for sure--I always go for the complicated first. Just like the time I tried to make a hydrangea! I tried 3 separate times, following directions and never got a hydrangea out of the process. I got something that resembled a bunch of paper all stuck together! 
Creating today's [popup wasn't too bad except for getting all the template lines drawn in the correct place. That is where the fiddling came in! I think I have it under control right now but we shall see when everyone gives it a go!
So here is my popup still being worked on right now! Not happy with this one, so the next one may be better!
popup design in progress
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