Drawing Takes Time - Day 25

Here we are at Day 25! We are one-quarter of the way through the Challenge! I thought it would be absolutely fun to do this challenge and it is absolutely true! I card hardly believe that I have done 25 makes and still have lots of ideas on the go.

Yesterday I was approached by a print-on-demand company to offer some of their products on my website. In my head, I was thinking that this would be just another vendor with the same products and was about to delete the message but something in my mind said to take a look. I did and was totally surprised by what they were offering. They actually had similar products but also a number of new ones I had not seen. I guess I will give them a call on Monday to see where it will take me.


I love to work with people of all kinds and offering their work for sale on my site is a pleasure. Yes, I do most of the design work myself but I also love to help others get sales as well. Enough of this...

Today, I took myself away from the computer and started doing some drawing. I was interested in creating some floral designs that could be used on fabrics. I wanted to draw the main "flowers" and then build smaller ones around them so that I would have many to choose from when creating my main pattern and the secondary ones to complement it. I spent about 2 hours fiddling around and here are my results (I am not an artist using a pencil or brush, I prefer digital design work so this is the first attempt. Rudimentary but it should translate to better drawings when I re-create them in Illustrator. The paper I used must have a grey tone as the images are not as perfect as I would like.


Have you tried drawing or painting? I would love to see your work.

Until tomorrow...


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