FRIDAY and it is DAY 3 - Wow What Will You Make TODAY?

I am getting more excited about this challenge as the further we get into it (I know it is only Day 3) the more ideas I have floating through my head. This morning I wondered what I could do and came up with a design for a dog bowl. You can see it here (My Dog Bowl)

It was fun to think of something where I could do the design or the project in an hour or so. Today I am thinking about starting tomorrows project which will take more than an hour to create. The goal is to have it finished for the next day.

As usual, there are daily interruptions and lots of other things on my plate to take me away from the challenge. But, there is nothing like having a goal or something to work towards when it comes to being a maker!

I am so looking forward to seeing what the rest of you will create.

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