Ground Hog Day! Day 11 of the Challenge

Ground Hog Day! Day 11 of the Challenge

Here we are at Ground Hog day and day 11 of the making challenge. It is like the movie, you seem to keep repeating the same type of projects over and over again. With this challenge, start thinking about other crafts or makes you want to try. For example, I am playing around with paper engineering these last few days and want to create something spectacular (that is not likely to happen until I take the craft seriously and spend hours practicing).

I am going to settle for creating something amazing at my present skill level. So my craft today are paper pop-ups that have taken some thought to create. None are spectacular yet, but those spectacular ones are the projects that take a few days to put together. You will see the results much later in the challenge. For today, I have my so-called test pages in place but I am not ready to share them just yet. They are interesting in the fact that I had no idea you could bend paper in such ways.

My thoughts today for another project is to look at creating some St. Patrick's Day designs to use on T-Shirts. I will show you the results tomorrow.

BTW - has anyone here created a Mood Board? I made my first one yesterday and the best part was it gave me a focus on what a collection might look like. Plus that mood board also allowed me to put my own palettes of color together. My share today will be my mood board.

Mood boards are easy to put together. All you need to do is gather images of your focus. In the case of my mood board, I used a floral theme and found images of flowers.

The next part of the process was to arrange the images in the board and then add a color palette to the board. I use Illustrator to create my mood board but you can use almost any paint type software to get the same results.

With the mood board in place, I can now come up with designs that use the color palette and get ideas for the types of flowers I want to create.

I love the fact that I now have a palette to work with and the colors came from nature! Makes designing so much easier!

If you want a class on mood boards, there are a few on Skillshare - give it a try.

What did you work on for Day 11? Please share!



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