Happy Saturday - Day 39

Here we are immersed in the weekend! Day 39 and still having so much fun with everything! Saturday brings to mind a relaxing morning, doing sudoku or a crossword and drinking tea or coffee at a coffee shop. Fresh pastries aroma wafting around us and begging us to bite into them. Ahh...

My day started out with an exercise routine, a shake for breakfast and then the relaxing time at the coffee shop, all the while thinking about the daily craft and blog article I would be putting together for today. I had several ideas and each would take a bigger amount of time than I was willing to spare on this gorgeous morning, so I decided to do some macrame!

Macrame was all the rage a few decades ago and it seemed to fade into the background until just recently. Now I get requests for macrame rings and twine almost every day. I am starting to see macrame hangings and more in my local bookstore that also display numerous books on the subject. Once you are aware of macrame coming back into vogue, you will start seeing it everywhere.
If you have not tried this yet - here are a couple of books to get you started.
  1. Modern Macrame: 33 Stylish Projects for Your Handmade Home
  2. Macrame Pattern Book

These two books will keep you going for a month or so! They are great places to get started and also great for those of us that have done macrame before.

Have fun with a couple of these projects!

Have you had experience doing macrame?

Here is a link to the rings and cord I am selling in my store (Copious Crafts) -  MACRAME SUPPLIES

Until tomorrow...


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