Ideas Abound Day 16

Anyone else feel this way?

I came across a cartoon on Facebook yesterday that exemplified my feelings when it comes to making and crafting! The thought was ohhhh-  will do that project and then take it on. In the meantime, another project idea comes in front of me and I want to take that one on as well, then another, and another, and yet another! In the end, I have all the projects in front of me without any single one of them getting to completion. I start them all and knowing me, I will eventually finish them but it will certainly take time as new ideas come around each and every day.

Well for certain I do have a number of projects on the go and I am working on them one at a time. Today I managed to finish my crochet pillow. It had two different patterns, one for the front which is popcorn-like and the other a plain look. It did take a bit longer to complete than I had hoped but I do love the result.

My other projects would take a very long list as I just absolutely love making things. I have a couple of sewing projects I will be working on throughout the challenge plus some surface design ideas on the go as well. And that is just two of the many.

Each and every day I love looking at Pinterest pins for even more ideas. I have a few boards where I am collecting them. Pinterest is one of the places where I am going to start creating more of my own pins at the same time, especially when I finish my projects.

Do you pin on Pinterest?

So back to our topic, you can get lost looking through pins for more ideas even when you have a lot of projects on the go. Never stop looking for ideas as that is the lifeblood of the maker. 

If you have some great ideas about what you want to make, please share them with me. I am always open to seeing what else can be made.

My project today:


Do share your thoughts...

Until tomorrow...


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