Is This Challenge for You? Day 2 is ON!!!

I know challenges can get in the way of your day but in this case, it will only add to your push for more creativity. Your daily make does not have to be complicated, it simply needs to be DONE!

Set aside some time to prepare for the next few days so you know what you will be working on. Quite often while you are working on one creation, it will give you ideas of something else you want to make. Put it on the list so you can remember that idea!

Today, I decided to add to my Dog line with a Dog Mom Pillow (Cushion). I am also going to be working on creating some new designs for the next season. Having to be accountable to the challenge is certainly helping me focus on what I need to do next.

Creating a pillow and adjusting a current design was still a bit of work, especially when you want to push it to your own store or to other locations on Amazon or Etsy.

Part of the creation process is also writing great descriptions for your products. You truly want your words to be memorable in order for your audience to click on the that Add to Cart or Buy button.

Check out this product:

Of course, when you create your Day 2 Challenge make, be sure to post it as a comment. 

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