Kids and Polymer Clay - Day 48

Kids and Polymer Clay - Day 48

Imagine What You Can Make with Polymer Clay

I first fell in love with Polymer Clay when my daughter starting working with it a number of years ago. Her children (my Granddaughters) started making little animals and jewelry for presents for the whole family. I treasure every fridge magnet and every bracelet they have made for me.

Polymer clay can lead to some amazing sculptures from simple for kids to the amazingly complete - my daughter made a dragon or two that blew me away. I am sorry I do not have photos of them but WOW!

Kids Will Love it Too

Kids can get into clay the easy way using these polymer clays - you can get starter kits or samplers of the clay to get them started. Amazon has a really inexpensive one - Oven Bake Polymer Clay Sampler

You can even buy a Clay Press for flattening out pieces - keeps the rolling pin clean for baking!

Polymer Clay Bracelet

Recommended Reading

You may be able to find these at your local library and they are well worth taking a look for ideas and how to handle polymer clay.

The Polymer Clay Techniques Book - a great starting guide

and another book for the artist who wants to take polymer clay to a whole new level - I mean sculpting incredible pieces of art!

The Polymer Clay Artists Guide

Materials to Help Along the Way

It is obvious, I know, that you will need Polymer Clay and you will also need a tray and oven (you can use a toaster oven).

Last but not least, you will need your imagination to come up with some ideas. So to help you along, I found some crafting tutorials to help you along the way.

Instructional Videos

Last Word

I hope you have a chance to try some Polymer Clay art - it is fun and does not take long to cure in the oven.

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