Knitting For Pleasure and Profit - Day 37

Today we will take a short look at knitting. To me, this is one of the most difficult crafts to do. I am able to crochet without an issue, but knitting seems to escape me. I know there are many knitters out there and Carina (from the Carina Knits Blog) is certainly a master! Carina can knit herself into a storm - she made the whole family Merino Wool bed socks! I have been wearing them all winter. Ah, such a wonderful gift.

Knitters, when they are past the beginner stage often work towards mastery of many different stitches. I only know of 2, knit and purl! True masters own the stitches! I finally bought a book on stitches - so far I have found over 200 different stitches and I know that is only the beginning.

The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible - 750 stitches Holy Cow!

The Knit Stitch Guide - this is the book to start with as a learner.

Now I mention profit as part of the title of this article. Knitters have a wonderful opportunity to make money from their craft. There are markets, shows, and other events where they can sell their goods. But did you know there are online places where you can also sell?

One obvious one is Etsy. Amazon also offers Handmade, and Wish has a place for items as well. The issue with all of these sites for selling comes down to how do you get your knits noticed in the huge vast pool of knit products? Well, that often comes down to branding your goods. Making a name for yourself is the key to making plenty of sales.

Carina uses Carina Knits for her knitting projects and Felting Panda for her felting kit projects. I use Bette's Makes for my blogging, and Copious Crafts for the designer goods I produce.

What brand do you want to be known for? Are you ready to blog, create videos, and teach people your skill?

You may not know those answers quite yet but with this challenge, you can start producing some amazing crafts you can duplicate and get ready for sale.

Today is a knit project - a set of pincushions made my Carina Grace - Master Knitter and Wool Snob supreme!

Are these not so cute?

Until tomorrow...


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