Learn a New Pattern Skill - Day 24

Learning something new takes time, especially when you want to practice it and make something special. Today was no exception for me. I took another Illustrator course from Helen Bradley on Skillshare! It had to do with increasing the number of ways you could create patterns and make digital papers for resale.

As I love working with Illustrator, this was perfect timing. It did change my mind about what I would create today but the time I spent learning was well worth it. I now have a new set of skills and a lot more ideas on how to apply the new knowledge.

It seems that a day does not go by without learning something new. I love the life-long learning approach to any craft! I get so inspired about what I can make, that I really do not concentrate on monetary aspects. I guess that is a good thing in a way.

What new crafts or skills have you learned lately? I know each of you has learned something new as doing the same craft or make over and over again is not likely how you fill your days. We all seek to improve our skill sets even if it is just to make the same thing but with a better stitch, a better pattern, or a better way of completing the project. Admit it, learning is so much fun when it comes to making things.

So today is learning all about Hexagons and how to make patterns with sizes, colors, and combinations of putting pattern pieces together. The results to me were incredible - here are a couple of my patterns I created this morning - I do hope you like them.


What did you learn today?

Until tomorrow...


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