Let's Talk About Felting - Day 21

Let's Talk About Felting - Day 21

Felting is a big rage in the UK and other places in Europe but we have hardly touched the surface here in North America. As a business, our first foray into felting was to follow some patterns and make projects that were fun to create.

This soon evolved into designing our own kits of miniature animals. Our first series is our basic series with bears, owls, cats, and bunnies. Oh, such fun!

Carina even came up with her own way of creating bears with arms that move and patterns that matched old china sets - you will see a pic of this make at the end of this post.

Felting can be a lot of fun and it is easy for kids to get involved as well that is as long as they are able to handle using a needle and not end up poking themselves. Our 10-year-olds seem to handle it without an issue and they love creating the mini creatures.

Crafting and making so so much more fun when the family gets involved. What I really mean is when the children get involved. My husband loves the results but is not akin to making projects with us. He has his own makes in the wood shop.

So here is the latest make:

What did you make today?

Until tomorrow...


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