National Strawberry Day - Day 36

Don't you love it when there is a special day in our lives? National Strawberry Day snuck up on me and I was not truly prepared at first. Today I will go and buy some strawberries and make a few dishes - maybe even buy a strawberry milkshake - oh yum!
Did you know that strawberries were originally a gift from Chile in the 1700's? They were made into preserves, jams, ice cream, yogurt, and pies. Strawberries were known as the taste of spring and since February is heart month, they fit right into the scene.
There are a few bits of folklore that follow strawberries.
  1. Strawberry extract will protect skin cells from any damage created by the sun.
  2. If you wanted your children to have a heart-shaped birthmark, then you should eat strawberries during your pregnancy.
  3. Strawberries will help you burn an extra 100 calories while working out.
  4. Strawberries are known to help reduce a fever.
  5. Strawberries have an acid that can help remove stains.
  6. Strawberries have been known to keep your teeth white.
  7. Melancholy could be cured (according to the Romans) by eating strawberries.
  8. Strawberries can help protect against diabetes.
  9. Strawberries have been used to prevent heart attacks.
  10. There are over 200 seeds in a strawberry (average size).

Here are a couple of recipe books to pique your taste buds:

Easy Strawberry Cookbook

40 Strawberry Recipes

Have fun with these books. 

As for today's make, I have a new floral pattern that was fun to manipulate the size and shape of the images to make the pattern. I will post these to Patreon for those who want the full file.



What did you make today?

Until tomorrow...




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