Paper Structures That Pop UP! Day 10 Experiment

Paper Structures That Pop UP! Day 10 Experiment

Here we are one-tenth of the way through the challenge and it has been so much fun! I have played around with a few different ideas and today is no different. I am have been devouring my library books on paper engineering and learning a great deal on how complicated it is. Nothing like a challenge within a challenge!

Today I decided to try a simple Tower scored and cut out of one piece of paper. It took time to draw the cut lines and the score lines but the result was fantastic. Here is the template for the first tower I created (simple one).

The red and blue lines represent the score lines - the red folds toward you and the blue away from you. The black lines are where you cut the slits. The overall size of the paper depends on how big you want it. I used approximately 11 inches on the long side.

Just to complicate things, once this one was completed, I then went on to create a 3 tower, using one piece of paper. I used the same size paper for this second one. Here is the template for that 3 tower pop-up.

As you can see, this one is far more complicated but the same premise.

If you want to try these on your own, just copy the images and blow them up to the size you want to use. 

I also found a site (it is in Dutch) where you can grab some tutorials for complex pop-ups: There are lots of videos and tutorials on this page.

Now for my results:

As you can see, they look complicated but not so much. It is the folding that is the challenge.

What did you create today?

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