Preparing for St. Patrick's Day - Day 34

Preparing for St. Patrick's Day - Day 34

As February nears its end, I am thinking about St. Patrick's Day and what kind of party I am going to attend. Last year a friend of ours arranged for everyone to meet at the "Shamrock" pub located near downtown. The Shamrock is a very popular place at any time as it is near the beach and on St. Patrick's Day it is particularly busy. We had to be there at 9 am to get a seat - and of course, we had to order a green beer. I am afraid that 9 am is not a very good time for beer for me but I placed the order and let it sit.

Everyone in our group had hats, shirts, sunglasses and more adorning their smiling and cheerful bodies. I had not planned enough to make anything to fit in so it was a trip to the dollar store to find a green boa, a hat, and even green nail polish. So be it...

This year I want to be a bit better prepared for the day. I thought I would create something special just for the occasion such a shamrock socks or even a big cloverleaf on a green t-shirt (takes a few days to get the product printed but what the heck).

My design will be very simple and just an emblem as I feel that is the best way to display the fun you can have on that special day.

Here is what I designed - 

I will be pushing this design up to Patreon so you can download it for FREE. I am someone who loves to design and loves to share those designs. If you can support my art on Patreon, you will be well rewarded with so many designs that you may not have time to use them all in your own work. I would ask that you share my Patreon link so others join in. 

Enough of that. This year I will attend the same party but will be prepared with my own style to make me an unstoppable force - I still will not drink the beer at 9 am but the company is sure worth the effort to attend.

What are you planning for St. Patrick's Day? Have you thought about dressing for the occasion or just wearing anything green?

Until tomorrow...


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