Product and Design Mockups - Day 38

We have all seen the display of products in stores and those beautiful scenes depicted in Etsy. Those mockups quite often make the difference between a sale of a craft and just a passing interest. Now I know not all of you want to sell your makes, but just in case, you might be interested in the world of mockups.

The shirt you see displayed here is a shirt I designed for St. Patrick's Day - The regular display was dismal and did not inspire anyone to buy it. Seeing it on someone in a scene really makes the difference. Here are more images of the same design - the bottom one is the original.

It can be quite easy to do a mockup if you purchase services from one of the mockup vendors that are out there. I like a few of them but often then charge a monthly fee - which can be good if you do a lot of mockups and they have what you are looking for. Most often it is t-shirts and apparel. When I design, I often want to have mockups that do not currently exist, so that is another story in itself.

If you want to have mockups just for your own crafts, then taking a photo that is pleasing to post with your product in it is the easiest way to go. Sometimes, however, you may not be able to take a photo. That is when you need to find a free photo (or pay for one) you can use to "place" your craft item.

This means you should become familiar with Photoshop or other photo editing software to allow you to make the changes to an existing photo. There are many excellent courses on how to do this in Skillshare. I keep pushing this but everything I have needed to know regarding graphics seems to be provided.

Now on to the mockups I created today, just playing around with my new Photoshop skills. I did a table cloth and a bedspread mockup.

Here are two different designs using the same background photo:


I even tried a tablecloth

These 3 were done with a couple of photos from a free site and using Photoshop and a few Smart Object tools.

Will you give it a try?

Until tomorrow...





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