Simple Is Better Than Complex Day 14


Here we are 2 weeks into the challenge and still having more fun than ever. I can hardly wait to do my next project and see what I can make each day. As I mentioned before, sometimes a project will take several days so I work towards threading it around my other daily makes.

For example, I did a crochet throw cushion cover which took me more than a few days to finish off, but wow, I love the results - just have to tie off a few pieces before I share it.

Yesterday I wanted to create that Peopny pop=up and I was determined to make it work. It sort of did but not what I was expecting! The issue was the fact I took on a very complicated, difficult to find time to make the project. Instead of my usual playing around and making something that works over an hour or so, I ended up with a project that took me hours to draft up, then hours to score and cut, and even more time to assemble. I actually had to try it a couple of times before was even remotely happy with the result. Still not happy and I am going to try again but this time manually rather than relying on a machine that tears my paper while scoring!

It all came down attempting something that was totally complex and complicated - in other words feeding my ego that I can do this - I should have stuck to something a little simpler to assemble! Oh, that darn ego getting in my way again. Although I am still determined to make this project work so that I am happy with the result. 

I will share my results and also share the link to the site where the paper engineering makes it look oh so simple! Here is where to try it for yourself:

Peter Dahman - he did the title image flower - beautiful results!

My attempt: (you can laugh if you wish) - it took hours to get to this point, and as I sad, I really need to try again and maybe figure it out a little better.

Have you ever tried something that ended up really complicated when you thought it was simple?

Until tomorrow...



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