Something Different for Day 4 of the Challenge!

I spent some time yesterday trying to decide what to do for Day 4 of the Challenge. I had been focusing on my design work for the first 3 days and thought that it might get boring if I kept going in that direction.

My interests go well beyond just graphic design. I am into learning new crafts all the time. I have spent most of my life looking at things I could make. You are probably quite similar when it comes to making anything.

Obviously, not everything comes out as I had intended but that is why I keep trying! I watch my daughters and their making activities. Those activities range from felting kit design to creating knitting patterns and way beyond that into the art world as well. I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree!

I would like to know more about each of you who have decided to get into the challenge. What crafts and things do you like to make? What would you like to learn?

My next step is learning about being a paper engineer. Something I discovered just a few days ago. I have ordered several books from the library just to learn more. As I go along, I will share the information with you.

So today, I did some crochet. I crocheted a rose that will be part of a gift I am giving to a friend who is retiring in February.  Sorry for the shadows on the image but you can see most of the details.

I am thinking more crochet for tomorrow or perhaps I will make a cute card to go with the rose. The jury is out as I always find great ideas when I go for a walk!

More tomorrow...



PS Don't forget to join my group on Facebook ( - even if you don't join the challenge, you will find some wonderful things to make.



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