Squiggly Lines Make Great Patterns - Day 26/100 

Who would have thought that squiggly lines actually make incredible patterns? So much so that you can package them up and sell them in digital bundles on all kinds of sites including Spoonflower, Etsy, and other similar sites that buy surface designs. I have created a number of patterns in the past but the use of squiggly lines is a first for me. I actually love making them with my Wacom tablet. 

The first thing to remember when working with squiggly lines is the fact that making the line is not as simple as you first think it might be. If you want to make a pattern with the line, the angles at the start and finish of the line are ultra important. For a pattern, the top and bottom need to match exactly otherwise you will end up with a disjointed pattern. A 45-degree angle at the top and bottom works best.

I wonder how many of you have made patterns for fabrics, digital paper, or other surfaces? It would be good to know if you have tried this craft before. To start, I would recommend watching Helen Bradley on Skillshare to get started with the process. Her knowledge of patterns is outstanding. You have probably seen me mention her before. Just go to Skillshare and search for her name and you will see approximately 200 plus classes in Illustrator and Photoshop. Even if you are an expert with the software, I bet she can teach you some incredible tricks you may not know. 

This last class I took used scripts within Illustrator to speed up the selection process for coloring objects. A good thing to know without a doubt. Here is the link to the location where you can download scripts:

I also came across a couple of books on Amazon that you might be interested in. The subject is repeat pattern making!

1. How to Make Repeat Patterns by Laurence King Publishing

2. Repeat Patterns: A Manual for Designers, Artists, and Architects

3. Design Your Own Repeat Patterns: A Quick and Easy Approach

I use the first book in the list extensively - that is the book I used to create repeating patterns using letters of the alphabet.

Here are a couple of the squiggly line designs I created. You can get these on Patreon for FREE if you are a supporter of Copious Crafts. We generally post all of our designs here - there are quite a few already available. I posted 8 of my new designs for the taking today.

 What did you make today?

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