Stained Glass Oh Wow - Day 40

Stained Glass Oh Wow - Day 40

Stained glass is way more than just going through a cathedral and admiring the amazing artwork that goes into those amazing images. Stained glass is something we can all do without worrying. You can use materials other than glass to get the same effects. 

Stained glass art starts with drawing an outline image using crisp lines. These lines are the "glue" for the leading portion of the project. If you are using translucent paper, then those lines will be darkened with paint or color felts to form the basis of your project. Now stained glass in not my forte but my family certainly has made plenty. The projects range from small table lamps, window hangings, ornaments, doors, and cabinet inserts. The number of places for stained glass is incredible.

If you want to do some reading on the subject - here are some starter books and materials that will help you along the way.
  1. Basic Stained Glass Making
  2. 20 Sheets Spectrum Stained Glass
  3. Klutz Color-In Stained Glass: 18 Projects

I like the template style books as copying others for my first project is often easier than trying to think up something new and find I still need to hone my skills for the craft. I am sure the rest of you may just dive right in - I do but I still want to know the basics.

Today I am displaying a couple of the stained glass projects in my home - you will absolutely love these.

Have you tried creating stained glass (or using paper)?

I love the results absolutely every time.

Until tomorrow...


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