Taking Classes on Day 6 Will Add to Your Creativity

Here we are on Day 6! I know it does not feel like we are very far into the challenge but the habit of creation is starting to take hold!

While searching for what I wanted to create today, I logged into my Skillshare account and while browsing through the classes, I came across some interesting courses on design. I was immediately hooked with the idea of creating a Hero pattern with several Secondary Patterns to mesh with the first pattern and following through with Blended Patterns which take one element of the Hero pattern with a color match to create something spectacular.

Now, I want to do this pattern set. I am going to have to add it to a later day as the time may be a little longer than just an hour or two. I think the best way is to thread a craft or make through the daily makes so that at the end of the longer project I can post it. Not sure at this point but I am certainly going to try.

For today I took one of my Ladybug designs and created 3 products using the basic design. I now have a bracelet, a necklace, and a mug with the same image. It was fun working on the design and changing it up a bit for the pieces I was creating.

I am going to add a T-Shirt and other products with the same Ladybug but in different formats. Should be a lot of fun!

If you have not already done so, be sure to join our group

Please share your project below! I love seeing what others are creating.




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