The Daily Routine - Day 12

The Daily Routine - Day 12

It seems that getting myself into a routine is the best way for me to get things done. Every morning I have been posting one of my surface designs on a product and posting it to Etsy. I am determined to put up one product each day so I get a better feel for what will sell.

I know many crafters post to Etsy but often get dismayed over the lack of sales. My "store" of Etsy is no different. The more products I place there, the better the chances Etsy will look at my store as being very active and give me some SEO bonus points! I really do not know if that is true but it is worth a shot!

So it all comes down to putting things into a routine so they actually get done. The second part of my list is to now make something every day and I am slotting time in the evening to accomplish just that. Last night I was playing around with distress circles and came up with a cool (in my mind at least) design I could use for a number of products. I also am still playing around with my paper engineering project (this seems to take me a lot longer to produce something of value than I had expected).

So on to the routine - I guess the routine becomes a habit and it seems easier to get the fun things done. My routine also includes writing this blog post. As I am an internationally published and translated author, I really do not want to let my writing to go to waste because I am not focusing on it. This way I get the best of both worlds.

For my make today, I had to learn how to best use masks and opacity to create something special. Here it is:

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