The Weekends Are Super Busy But There is Still Time to Craft - Day 32


Wow, I can't believe how busy the weekends are! There are so many sales on right now plus people are thinking that Spring is around the corner so they are all out and walking downtown! It seems that spring projects are starting to be the norm at home, with new shelving going up, reorganization of my office, and sights on dinner with friends.

Those excuses never get in my way when it comes to crafting, there is always a lull in the constant activity to sit in my craft space and try something new. Today I decided that I wanted to try and make one of the flowers shown in a video I shared in our Facebook Group. Now the video I watched was moving at a pretty fast pace, so I had to slow it down to pick up the steps. It seemed to take forever to get the folds correct.

In the video, they glued pieces and it seemed to dry instantly. Not so for me as I used my E6000 - my favorite glue for sure! It is not something we sell in the store and I always find a good price for it on Amazon. It is not expensive - around $6.45 or so for a tube that will last a very long time.

If you want to try some of those flowers - here is the link to the video: How to Make Flowers

I also found a couple of books that were useful - 

How to Make 100 Paper Flowers

17 Flower Craft Ideas

I think I will try another couple of the flowers from the video, my first one was a bit of a challenge because I used paper that was only patterned on one side and it was a bit thicker than what I could tell from the images. A double-sided paper that is fairly thin will probably work better. Once I got the hang of it, the rest was easy. Now all I need to do is clean up the glue mess on my desk.

So here is my flower: I will do better on the next try with better paper!

Did you have time to create something today?

Until tomorrow...



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