Thinking About Travel - Day 30

Winter always seems to take longer than we would like. As I walked around our city today, there were daffodils showing their yellow glory, Croci displaying their beautiful man of purples and yellows, and even Hyacinth popping through the earth. I know in most parts of the country the snow is still around or still falling, but here on the West Coast, we are enjoying our winter in the mid-30s to mid-'40s. The snow here lasted barely a week and now is gone. There are tennis zealots out on the courts and the brave golfers are wading through the much on the greens in hope of perfecting that golf stroke before the season truly begins. 

In anticipation of the spring, it is time to take a vacation to warmer places on your continent. If you are in North America, then Mexico becomes your playground. In Europe, you may be thinking about Gibraltar or even Lisbon. For those of us from Australia, it is not time to think about spring and summer, you are already there!

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With the thought of travel, I imagine being on a cruise ship (I am a cruise ship speaker and speak on 3 or so cruises each year) or being on the ocean with its azure blue color and playful waves on a pebble free sandy beach. Ah...sounds perfect. In reality, I am here at my desk thinking about what to craft today. With travel on my mind, I decided to create a series of Nautical patterns to use on clothing, home decor, and even shoes. I had a lot of fun creating these and will create even more when the time permits.

Have you created anything with a travel theme? I would truly love to know!

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Here are my 4 designs with the nautical theme:

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