Valentine's Day and Beyond on Day 23

Grey Cranes featured on Bing Desktop February 14, 2019
Here we are on Valentine's Day and the weather is perfect and so are the people surrounding me. I always love any excuse to have my family close at hand! And I also love the fact we could possibly go out for a special meal.
The card I made for my husband was a big hit, whew what a relief! I don't think he would have said anything other than it was gorgeous and very thankful I took the time to create something so special. The pleasure is all mine because I absolutely get so much fun out of creating things with my hands.
Now that Valentine's Day is in the books, it is time to start focusing on the next round of fun in March. March should be bringing that needed spring weather and a lot of fun with St. Patrick's Day just around the corner. I walked around yesterday and the green bling was appearing already - good in a way because now all Valentine's goodies and craft materials will be on sale! Sorry but our store did not put together any Valentine's Day craft supplies but the local stores are likely to have some wonderful deals.
My craft project today brought me back to creating more items with my distress circle pattern. I thought about throw pillows and how easy it is to decorate a room with pillows and a few color accents. These pillows are now posted in Etsy with the option to buy just the cover or the cover with the insert. That way you do not need to purchase the whole pillow if you only need the cover. I posted them in my new pillows section of my store as well.
Here is what my pillows look like - I just love them.
I hope you truly have a wonderful Valentine's Day, until tomorrow...
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