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Knitting For Pleasure and Profit - Day 37

Today we will take a short look at knitting. To me, this is one of the most difficult crafts to do. I am able to crochet without an issue, but knitting seems to escape me. I know there are many knitters out there and Carina (from the Carina Knits Blog) is certainly a master! Carina can knit herself into a storm - she made the whole family Merino Wool bed socks!

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Preparing for St. Patrick's Day - Day 34

As February nears its end, I am thinking about St. Patrick's Day and what kind of party I am going to attend. Last year a friend of ours arranged for everyone to meet at the "Shamrock" pub located near downtown. The Shamrock is a very popular place at any time as it is near the beach and on St. Patrick's Day it is particularly busy. We had to be there at 9 am to get a seat - and of course, we had to order a green beer. I am afraid that 9 am is not a very good time for beer for me but I placed the order and let it sit.

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Decorating the Dining Table - Day 33

Someone asked me if preparing a new recipe for dinner counted as a daily make. I wasn't exactly sure how to answer the question but I started to think about it and making food is a craft in itself. I was more concerned that adding food to the mix would dilute my original intention of having a "craft" a day but calling them makes.

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