Perk Up and Get Into the Exploration in Stitch Patterns


I remember when the bug to design my own knitting patterns hit me.  I was in the middle of fuddling through a rather long winded pattern, brows furrowed and thinking to myself. "why doesn't this make any sense? It's so long winded..."  I had to read through the pattern at least five more times before I literally had to take it sentence by sentence before it 'clicked'.

It's not that it was a very difficult pattern, just the explanation of the designer made it seem so convoluted.  So then I decided, time to make my own patterns.  And the one thing I discovered, is that I knew absolutely nothing about designing.  Sometimes I still feel that way, but the learning curve is at the level that I love to immerse myself.  

Then, for Christmas that year, my mother decided to gift me with the most wonderful book.  750 Knitting Stitches!  I poured over that book fawning over the variety of stitch patterns, it wasn't all exclusive but still, my very own stitch bible.  

Which made me think, how do you really get to know a stitch pattern.  Obviously you knit it.  Which is exactly what I am going to do and share with you as much as I can.  750 Stitch patterns to swatch up, block (or not) and show you the result.

I'm so excited to see these stitch patterns come to life on my needles. And I decided not to just knit it up, I want to actually learn about these stitch patterns.  So of course, I'm going to figure out how to knit them, knit them in the round, and chart them.  So let's explore this knitting adventure together! 

If you want to swatch along with me, I'm going to be starting with Garter Stitch. Swatch something up with me and in a day or two, I'll post my swatch, along with all the other information I could dig up!

As always, Happy crafting my Copious Critters!



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