Travel and the Fun of Knitting Abroad

Almost every knitter loves to take their knitting with them, especially on long airplane flights.  I am no exception to that statement.  There is nothing more time consuming than putting on a movie and knitting as you fly, the hours just ticking by faster than not.  But then the question arises, do you knit while you are abroad?

Well, I can't answer that for everyone but as a person who spends a lot of time abroad, the answer is simply YES!

I find that when I travel to places that aren't used to seeing someone knitting, or the craft isn't as widespread as it is at home, a lot of people tend to flock to you and watch as your needles fly.  They ask a lot of questions, and I, in turn, ask them questions as well.

My problem when traveling with my knitting is, how much yarn do I bring? Should I buy some local yarns (if they have any) And what size needles should I pack away?

Usually, I bring just the project I am working on currently, and maybe an extra skein of yarn.  If I'm lucky, I will travel to a place that has yarn that I can purchase.  Even if it's not something like I'm used to buying.  

In my knitting travel kit, I also have an Altoids tin that has all my go-to accessories that I might need. A small tape measure that goes to 10", a darning needle, a small portable crochet hook (Made for a key chain but it works great in a bind) a few knit stitch markers, some sewing needles.  Aside from that tin, I have a small project bag that holds a few needle tips.  I like to use the interchangeable needles when traveling so I can bring with me a few viable options for needle sizes.

So next time you decide to travel, don't leave the knitting at home, you never know when inspiration will hit.  I'd be lost without my knitting no matter where in the world I go.

As Always, Happy crafting my Copious Critters.  See you in the next post!

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