Choosing the Right Pen Matters

Artists love to create (with Sakura), draw, use pen art, and do calligraphy. The results are so amazing, even if it is in the first iteration of the artwork. Using the right tools and materials can make a difference when it comes to the final result. Using knock-off or sub-standard materials will often ruin a piece or make it look like it is not your best work.


Let me explain. Recently I viewed a video in one of my favorite Facebook groups of a person who was looking for the best price for Micron pens. She found some on Aliexpress and immediately ordered them to use in her project. The pens arrived, she started her piece and was near completion when water hit the canvas and the pen work started to run and ruin her work. She was given a knock-off pen and not the real Sakura Micron pen. The real Micron does not run when exposed to water! Lesson learned but the hard way.

Good quality materials are not cheap. If you think you are getting a bargain and a deal, you may be in for a big surprise - yes the price is right but the pen will not likely be the real thing.


Buy only Sakura certified products. I certainly buy directly for my store - there are so many pens available - so here is the real deal - go here to purchase and you know you will not be taken in with a substitute pen. 


I am giving you a piece of art made with the real deal on this post. Head on over to to claim yours. Don't forget to order your genuine Sakura pens from us.

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