Design Your Own Shoes, Clothing and More - Day 27

 Wow, today was amazing. I found a place where my customers can design their own products such as shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, and socks. I spent the morning designing some of my own but the fact that I can share one of my suppliers with you just blew me away.

Check it out! Design My Own

So for me today, I spent time perfecting my wiggly lines to make a series of products using that design. I called the series Crisscross. I love how some of the products turned out. I especially liked the travel bag. I have not made it available on Etsy as of yet but perhaps in the next day or two.

Sometimes you have to take a step back on your makes and see what else you can do with them. I had thought digital papers was the only place for this one design and when talking with others there were a lot more suggestions. I follow through with those suggestions and am very pleased with the results.

Have you ever created something and thought it would be a one-off project, then turned around and found that you could do a similar thing but in a totally different direction? I know I do this all the time.

I followed up with some reading about how to repurpose projects, by looking at other projects, and these 3 books were my favorite. If you have a chance, you should add these to your bookshelf (or eBook shelf).

1. Fabric Surface Design: Painting, Stamping, Rubbing, Stenciling, and more

2. Playing with Image Transfers

3. Washi Style: Over 101 Great Projects

I guess the best thing is to look at what you have around you, especially items that you have made and figure out if you can make something else that goes with it. I suppose you can call that accessorizing! Make matching socks and shirt, as an example!

Lots of fun! I can hardly wait to see what you have made today.

Until tomorrow...


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 BTW I also used my crisscross on some shoes and socks.

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