Kids Watercolor Shamrock Clover Cards


Found this fun craft on Hello Wonderful!



  • Watercolor paper (you could use cardstock as well, just be sure it is a bit thicker)
  • Blue and yellow watercolor paints
  • Water
  • Small containers
  • Plastic eye droppers or pipettes (you can find these in educational stores or drug stores)
  • Water
  • Heart-shaped punch (You could also use scissors to cut your own hearts.  Heart punches are often on sale after Valentine's Day!)
  • Glue
  • Pencil crayon
  • Blank card set
  • Smock
  • Craft tray



  • Don your smock.  Put your watercolor paint into your containers and dilute them with water, according to the directions.
  • Squeeze your eye dropper bulb and place it into the paint, watching it suck up the paint.  (The kids may need a bit of help with the first few tries or they may experiment and figure it out themselves.  It is also fun to watch the bubbles formed when decompressing the dropper bulb while in the paint!  This is a perfect opportunity to talk about why this happens.)
  • Apply your paint droplets onto the page and...   more here!

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