Mini Shamrock Banners


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  • Felt: Full sheet of olive green (9" x 12")
  • Green felt (4 or 5 shades)
  • Gold felt
  • Embroidery thread: gold, black, 4 – 5 shades of green
  • 6 green buttons (Size: 1/2" – 5/8" wide)
  • 2 large green buttons (Size: 3/4" – 1")
  • 6 green beads
  • Ribbon (15" long piece)
  • Pins and needle
  • Scissors 




  • Print and cut out the shamrock template for the banner. Trace and cut out the patterns with the following felt colors. 
  • Now that you know what colors of felt and thread to use, cut out all the pieces from the patterns and then evenly space the 5 background felt pieces on the 9" x 12" olive green felt.
  •  Pin the 5 felt pieces into place so that the felt won't move as you are stitching them onto the banner. See photo F to see how this will look. Sew the pieces on using the whip stitch around the edge

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