Not Sure About Digital Files?

Not Sure About Digital Files?

Not Sure About Digital Files?
I often get asked, "Why digital files?" The answer is simple, you have more control over your own designs when using digital paper, you can print, just what you need on the type of stock that suits your project AND you can print them as many times as you want.

You are not restricted to buying just one or two sheets of the pattern you wish to use. As long as your printer can handle the size and texture you want, you can print as much as you need.

You may not want to use digital papers when it comes to papers that are embossed with metallic or glitter colors. Although you can make your own for these as well, often it is more cost effective to purchase papers.

I use a combination of digital papers and printed ones. I buy the type of surface I want for my project (most often I buy Cricut printables) and add digital designs by using a print and cut option.

Think about what you can create inside your program of choice (Cricut Design Space or Canva) using digital papers. You can so easily print and cut your projects.

BTW - digital paper designs and embellishments are also great for putting together presentations in PowerPoint. 

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