Polka Dot Fold Clutch


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  • 2- 13” x 13” pieces of cream fabric- get lighter than a denim fabric, but heavier than quilting cotton
  • 2- 13” x 13″ pieces of fabric for the lining
  • 2- 13” x 13” pieces of fusible fleece
  • 2- pieces of leather 3” x 13” -something lightweight- I used lambskin
  • also- I would recommend 2 pieces of 13” x 13” shape flex to press onto the back of the clutch outside pieces- I didn’t use this but I would if I made it a second time.
  • 9” metal zipper
  • 2- 3”x2” pieces of fabric for zipper tabs
  • Leather Needle
  • Heavy Duty Thread
  • Regular Thread
  • Metallic Paint
  • Fabric Painting Medium
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Royal Design Studios, Medium Polka Dot Party Stencil
  • Foam roller brush


  • First up you’re going to need to stencil your fabric.  To do this mix 1 bottle of metallic gold acrylic paint with one bottle of Fabric Painting Medium.
  • Spray the back of the stencil with reposition-able adhesive spray.

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