Punched Paper Ornaments


Found This At Martha Stewart



  • Crafts

  • Card stock

  • Ruler

  • Double-sided tape

  • Circle cutter

  • Craft knife

  • Photo

  • Baker's twine


  • Trim two pieces of card stock to 3 1/4-inches-by-3 1/4-inches. Punch the corners using the loop or double loop corner punch; with the coordinating edge punch, connect the pattern from corner to corner using the guides on the tool's wings.
  • Decide if you want your ornament to hang as a diamond or a square and how you want to orient the photo. Create an inside window on one piece of the prepared card stock by using a circle cutter for a circle shape or a ruler and craft knife for a square. Leave at least 3/16 inch in from the punched edge.

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