St. Patrick's Day Shadow Box

Found this great St. Patrick's Day craft on Houseful of Handmade.


What’s more fun then awesome decorations? Awesome decorations that are also entertainment! I decided to hide one 4 leaf clover in the shadow box full of 3 leaf clovers. Now when we are bored, we try to find the lucky clover. It’s the perfect start to my spring mantle. I can’t wait to make some more spring decor since it’s too cold to go outside and garden.

I made this simple shadow box out of a 1×2 and 2 8×10 Polystyrene sheets. It cost me a total of $7.50 since I already had some finishing nails and wood glue on hand. I found a beautiful piece of blue tinted wood for the 1×2 and I love the grayish hues and texture it has. This allowed me to skip the painting step since I wanted to show off the natural wood.

more here.

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