When Do You Ever Have Enough Craft Supplies?

When Do You Ever Have Enough Craft Supplies?

As I was going through my supplies that live in various boxes and drawers, I thought of a craft I would like to try. I did some searching for videos and how-tos but did not find anything that really resonated with what I wanted to accomplish. I did, however, take note of the supplies I would need even if I took my own route with the project.

Back to my drawers and boxes. I found most of what I needed but there was something missing (actually two things missing). I did not have the right glue and I did not have a pattern that I thought would work. The pattern is easy enough as I will come up with my own but the glue perplexed me. 

I have 2 drawers dedicated to glues and the one I really wanted to use was not among the bunch. Figures! I have hundreds of dollars worth of supplies but am always missing that one item!

The question is - has this ever happened to you?

Well, my only saving moment was the fact that I have a craft store and found a supplier for the glue I needed but would have to order 12 bottles. Now I had to stop and rethink the project -buy the glue in quantity or substitute and hope all works out.

Substitute it will be - so on to the project. I will be painting feathers (real ones I collected from birds who are molting. Let's see how it goes. I will be sure to make a video at the same time.

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