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Chunky Knit Christmas Stocking

  I found this lovely pattern on Nourish and Nestle. don't know about you but usually the Christmas Holiday's have got me all wrapped up and creating gifts for everyone else I sometimes forget that I need to start decorating the house as well. And who doesn't love the beautiful chunky style stockings like this. Especially because it doesn't take up a lot of time to get on finished. Materials Needed: Berroco Macro in Snowshoe Hare…1 skein  US 19 (15 mm) 40-inch Circular Knitting Needles Stitch Markers A needle to accommodate the super bulky yarn…

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DIY Scalloped Christmas Ornament

  Found this wonderful DIY craft on Debbie Macomers website."These pretty scalloped ornaments are a perfect way to customize your Christmas tree. Choose your favorite glittery or patterned paper, and get started! Doing a themed tree this year? This is a perfect way to incorporate a theme and not spend big bucks on a whole set of new ornaments. Start by punching circles out of your cardstock (or cut circles with scissors). Pictured is a 1.5” diameter circle punch. Cut each circle in half. Assemble your workstation – A foolproof way is to put the ornament in the mouth of a mason jar, so your work area is always upright and the glue can also dry without being disturbed....

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Free Christmas Candle Holder

  This lovely craft project was found at Simple Craft Ideas   To work you will need: Glasses Napkins with Christmas motifs Glue for decoupage (pva can be used) Two-step or other krekelyur KREAL krekelyurnaya couple Acrylic top coat Glitter White or silver liner Acrylic colors in black, ivory and blue Brush with a foam tip Glass cleaner Translucent gel paint for decoupage Degreasing liquid glasses for glasses.   Step one: Cut the desired motif from the napkin with a round object....

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Free Mini Christmas Stocking

  I found this on Cool Creativity Website. Making new and fun Christmas decorations every years is one of my favorite things to do. And these make a good and fun decoration. I've even made these to give away to friends, attaching them to Christmas cards and to gifts. Materials:oddments of yarn. I prefer to knit these on 2.75 mm needles with pure cotton 4ply but the pattern will knit up with whatever you prefer. Note, obviously the larger the needle size and thicker the yarn, the larger the finished stocking. Before you start, decide which colour you are going to knit the heel in and cut a length at least 110cm (44”) keep to one side for second heel...

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Free Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

  Found this little gem on Make it Crochet site! I don't know about anyone else but some years I like to co-ordinate my Christmas. Some years I will do an icicle theme, other years a handmade theme (most of the time) and I like to have my tree skirts to match the theme. These skirts are amazing and so easy to stitch up, and there is 10 to choose from. Crochet them all or just one!  I just love handmade Christmas' don't you? I'm making the Christmas Pine Tree skirt myself!

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