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Festive Christmas Crafts for Kids

Look what I found on the website easy peasy and fun! The best part about this time of the year, at least for me, is sitting down with my children and making some wonderful memories and of course crafts!  My kids love it when we all sit down together and make some really awesome things to use for the holidays. The best part of these crafts are that they are free and so easy and fun to make. Even if you don't have children and really get in to the holiday spirit these are so fun and easy to make.  From Ornaments to Trees to Santa fun, there are so many option to look through and see what you...

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12 Weeks of Christmas

This post is from Red heart on Week 8 of Red Heart's 12 weeks of Christmas. I can't believe that I didn't see this sooner. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with crochet hook and yarn on hand, watching tv and stitching up a lovely pattern.So far the list of free patterns include: Santa's Wardrobe Garland\ Ornamental Throw Holiday Joy Ponpom Trimmed Tree Skirt Fun and Funky Tree Topper Yarn Pompom Wall Tree Pickle Ornament Hamburger Ornament My Red Jumper Santa Gift Pants Holder and more.... There's just so many wonderful patterns here. know that here at Copious Crafts some of us are going to be creating some wonderful Christmas decorations!

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6 Insanely Easy Crafts You'll Want to do Right Now for Christmas

This post is from DIY Crafts Everywhere "I love Christmas, and especially the holiday decor. I also love decorating my home for the holiday season, but frankly, I don't want to spend the money! Boy, do stores mark up all the holiday ornaments and decor! Luckily, DIYEverywhere is here to save the day. Below are 6 super easy crafts that you can do, regardless of your skill level. They will come out great, and you'll never want to spend that money on an expensive store equivalent again. Plus, it's a great bonding activity to do with family!" 1. Sparkling luminaries 2. Stained glass flower vase 3. Frosted holiday centerpiece 4. Take Christmas lights to a new level 5. 2-step...

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Free Tree Pattern for the Holiday Season

Nothing is better than adding some great homemade decorations for the holidays! I found this one on Red Heart Fill a mason jar with a gift of hot cocoa mix and top it with this fun Christmas tree! To make it feel even more festive, add crushed peppermint as one of the layers in your cocoa jar. Pattern highlights: Finished tree is 7" (17.75 cm) wide and 10" (25.5 cm) tall, including star. To fit universal-size mason jar lid: 2¾“ (70mm) diameter To fit wide-mouth mason jar: 3⅜” (86mm) diameter SPECIAL STITCH Picot Stitch = ch 3, slip stitch into first chain There are two parts to this pattern: The Tree Base - with 16 rounds and The Outer Layer...

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