IDentipen 4 Color Set | Copious Crafts | 2044161

IDentipen 4 Color Set | Copious Crafts | 2044161

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IDenti-pen is a dual-point multi-purpose marker that will mark most non-porous surfaces. It’s easy to label personal items with your contact information, or decorate with illustrations and patterns. Use IDenti-pen to mark on a wide variety of difficult surfaces, such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, golf balls, CDs, and slick paper. IDenti-pen is often used for autographs from your favorite musician, athlete, or actor on photos and memorabilia. 

The durable, extra fine plastic point is perfect for detail work. The medium, fiber point is excellent for larger projects. IDenti-pen is available in 8 colors.

Identi-pen receives PGA Tour Partners Seal of Approval!

2500 golfers from the PGA Tour magazine, Partners, overwhelmingly approved Identi-pen in product testing. The results of the review will be published in the Sept./Oct 2008 issue of the magazine. Here are some comments from golfers:

"I received your pen for product testing via PGA Tour Partners Club, and was very impressed with this pen. My slogan now is, "How do I mark my Titleist? ....with IDenti-Pen." Thank you again, you have a loyal customer."

"I was just involved in testing your product, the IDenti-pen. I am a PGA TOUR Club member...your product is great, keeps the color without fading. I had the red sent to me and it shows up real well, other pens have run and smeared, yours does not... I recommend IDenti-pen to any golfer."

"Tested your pen on golf the way the marking held up under play...wet fairway... did not smear my mark.. life member PGA... will buy another."