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Cricut Tips & Shortcuts

Cricut Tips & Shortcuts

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Cricut Tips & Shortcuts

Secrets you need to know!

Every Cricut owner needs to know these SECRETS in order to save time & money so they can craft more. Insiders know these secrets but do you? Are you ready to make your Cricut work better for you?

Get the insider information you never knew and save money at the same time. This FREE Tip & Shortcut guide will show you how you can have your equipment and machine supplies last longer so you can make even more!

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  • How to save on blades
  • Extend the life of your mats.
  • Make settings a breeze.


Bette certainly makes learning so easy. Her teaching method makes everything she does fun and helps you master tips & tricks. She also has dozens of tips for saving money on mats, blades, and more.

WD Hughes, San Jose

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