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Recipe Holder Tutorial

  Found This At Lil Luna   Materials Main wood piece {I used a cabinet door front} Finial {top wood piece} Spool Oval Wood Piece for base Drill Wood Glue Spray Paint Sand Paper {to distress} Clothes pin Directions Mark the center of your main wood piece on the top and the bottom based off of the width of the board and the thickness of the board. Drill a hole slightly larger than the screw on the finial. *If you want to make the holder sturdier and with smoother transitions, you can flatten the connecting parts on the frame using a forstner bit. Find More Here

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Polka Dot Fold Clutch

  Found This At Polka Dot Chair   Materials 2- 13” x 13” pieces of cream fabric- get lighter than a denim fabric, but heavier than quilting cotton 2- 13” x 13″ pieces of fabric for the lining 2- 13” x 13” pieces of fusible fleece 2- pieces of leather 3” x 13” -something lightweight- I used lambskin also- I would recommend 2 pieces of 13” x 13” shape flex to press onto the back of the clutch outside pieces- I didn’t use this but I would if I made it a second time. 9” metal zipper 2- 3”x2” pieces of fabric for zipper tabs Leather Needle Heavy Duty Thread Regular Thread Metallic Paint Fabric Painting Medium Spray Adhesive Royal...

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Rose Milk Bath Bomb

  Found this at A Pumpkin And A Princess   Materials 1 cup baking soda ½ cup Citric Acid ½ cup cornstarch ¼ cup Dry Milk 3 tablespoons Epsom salt handful dried rose petals 1 teaspoon water 3-4 teaspoons Almond Oil 15-20 drops Rose oil Directions In a large bowl combine baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, milk powder, and Epsom salt. Add rose petals that have been cut into small pieces. In a small cup or bowl stir together water, almond oil, and rose essential oil. Find More Here

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Wisconsin State String Art

  Found This At Crafts By Amanda   Materials Wooden board Embroidery floss Small nails Hammer White craft glue Directions Print Out A Pattern Of Wisconsin Next Lay the Print Out On the BoardFind More Here

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Egg Carton Roses and a Gorgeous DIY Lamp Shade

  Found This At Godz Gear Blog   Materials Egg Cartons  An old lamp shade Hot glue gun  Some Paint  Directions First off you will need to paint your lamp shade your desired colour, you can do this either by spraying it or painting by brush. If your lamp shade is the right colour already that’s a bonus and you can skip this step. While your paint is drying it’s roses time. Have a look at the picture below because this is what they will end up looking like Find More Here

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