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News from Copious Crafts - DIY Watermelon Stamped Doormat

 I love a good doormat and at Copious Crafts, creating your own designs or simply following a pattern is a lot of fun. Why stick with one craft when you can do so many different things. Here is a fun project you can try. Found This at eHow   Materials plain welcome mat large, all-purpose sponge sharp scissors detail paintbrush paint containers such as plastic plates pink, green and black paints. Directions use the scissors to cut the all-purpose sponge into a watermelon shape.  You’ll need to cut two stamps — one to mimic the wedge shape of the watermelon’s pink core, and a second to represent the thin, curved green rind of the watermelon.  Find More Here

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News from Copious Crafts - DIY Rope Wrapped Candle Holder

  Found This At Stone Gabble Blog   Materials glass cylinder candleholder organic looking rope (mine was 3/8 inch) beachy elements like starfish or shells Directions Using hot glue, adhere the rope to the bottom front of the glass cylinder. Wrap the rope around the glass cylinder gluing as you go. Find More Here

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DIY Mothers Day Vase

  Found This At U-Create Crafts   Materials Milk Tin / Watering Can Spray Paint Cricut Directions Ready The Materials Spray Paint The Milk Tin / Watering Can Find More Here

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DIY Blooming Monogram

  Found This At Lulus   Materials Hot glue gun & glue sticks Scissors Fake flowers of your choice & color Can of white spray paint Paper mache letter X-Acto Knife Directions Using the X-Acto knife, carefully cut the top of the paper mache letter off. Remove the cardboard filling so the letter is empty.  In a well-ventilated area apply 2-3 coats of spray paint to the interior and exterior of the paper mache letter, letting each coat dry approximately one hour. Find More Here

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