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Needlepoint Patterns - Day 52

Needlepoint Patterns That Are Easy to Make I am always searching for free patterns to get me started with any new craft I am going to make. Needlepoint is no different. If you are like me, start free and work up to the more complex patterns where I have to buy the pattern. I had always thought that the very easy patterns should come with a starter kit (there are likely plenty of these for sale). Read More...

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Oil Painting That Turns Heads - Day 49

When it comes to oil painting, I am a total newbie but the rest of my family is not. The image you see above here was painted by my mother-in-law. She is a talent beyond belief. My daughter also paints with oils but I have noticed lately that she has combined both acrylics and oils. She is always experimenting! I love seeing the results.

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Kids and Polymer Clay - Day 48

Imagine What You Can Make with Polymer Clay I first fell in love with Polymer Clay when my daughter starting working with it a number of years ago. Her children (my Granddaughters) started making little animals and jewelry for presents for the whole family. I treasure every fridge magnet and every bracelet they have made for me. Polymer clay can lead to some amazing sculptures from simple for kids to the amazingly complete - my daughter made a dragon or two that blew me away. I am sorry I do not have photos of them but WOW!

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