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Covered in Leather - Day 42

Have you ever smelled new leather? If you have, you will know that there is nothing like a brand new wallet, jacket, or pair of shoes that have been newly crafted! For me, I think of the shops at the annual rodeo held in a small town not too far away. I also think of the leather crafts store down the main street of places like Deadwood or Tombstone! 

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Create Wonders With Washi Tape - Day 41

Are you wondering what Washi Tape is? Although there are many people who love working with Washi Tape, I still come across so many individuals who still do not know what it is. I am always super surprised when I see Washi Tape and decorative tapes everywhere I go. Is it because I love working with Washi Tape or is it because I subconsciously am aware of it?

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Happy Saturday - Day 39

Macrame was all the rage a few decades ago and it seemed to fade into the background until just recently. Now I get requests for macrame rings and twine almost every day. I am starting to see macrame hangings and more in my local bookstore that also display numerous books on the subject. Once you are aware of macrame coming back into vogue, you will start seeing it everywhere.

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