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Simple Crochet Basket - Day 47

Crochet Baskets Create Incredible Storage Capacity Crocheting is a passion for some of us but even if you don't do a lot of crochet work, these baskets are simple to make. You will not need to know a lot of stitches to put one of these together and that is a bonus. As for materials, I often use some of my scrap wool to make the basket even more appealing, however, it is entirely up to you on what you want to use.

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Knit A Super Easy Sweater - Day 46

Why go to all the trouble to knit a sweater when you can just go to the store or online and buy one you like? The truth is you will get something very unique and special when you make it yourself. I know it is a lot of effort you need to put in, and you will also need to add to your skill set at the same time. But- there is nothing like the feeling of something you created and people absolutely love what you made!

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Wreathing More Than You Think - Day 45

What is Wreathing? Wreathing all started in the 16th century when the Lutherans in Germany when a priest made a wreath from a cartwheel to educate children about Christmas. Other history buffs claim that the Greeks and Romans also used wreaths using fresh tree branches and leaves.  Anyone can wreath - here is a fun project for you to try...

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DIY Vinyl Stickers for Anything - Day 44

Haven't you felt like you could create your own stickers or vinyl sayings for your home? I see so many stickers in packages and find one or two I like and the rest will be stored until I can find some use for them. It is much easier to make your own even if you are not an artist, you just need the right materials and a design you can use.

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Fashionista Beaded Bracelets - Day 43

Trendy and fashionable plus a hint of DIY surrounds the beaded bracelet. Did you make it yourself? Did you buy it on your travels? Did you find it at a craft market? Where ever you found your bracelet, it will always be special for you. A BFF gave it to you, you made it at school, your parents helped you purchase it, the list goes on. What it all comes down to is the fact that a beaded bracelet is truly a piece of art and a piece of your heart.

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